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Description:A bladder infection (urinary tract infection) is a bacterial infections which effects the urethra and inside lining of the urinary bladder. Symptoms include frequent urination, blood in urine, foul smelling urine, incontinence when pet is consider house trained, straining to urinate, vomiting, depression, loss of appetite.

Contributing factors:
Bladder stones can causes (urinary tract infections) bladder infections. Other possible cause is when bacteria enters the urethra and if left untreated it could compromise the kidneys.

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Herbal Treatment:Some herbs that may form part of a formula are: Barberry is very effective in fighting bacterial infections and boosts the immune system. Birch is an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. It is also a diuretic and stimulates urination. Dandelion is a natural diuretic with blood cleansing properties which help the body eliminate toxins. Cranberry helps to cleanse the bladder.

Homeopathic Treatment:
Homeopathics are medical formulas based on a theory of like cures like and highly diluted quantities of medicinal substances are given to cure symptoms. cantharis D12 (dhu), reneel (heel),

Flower Essence
Crab Apple helps with the recovery from infections. Centaury helps with week immune systems. Cherry Plum targets loss of control in body functions.

Essential Oils:
Every essential oil has a unique and distinctive fragrance which stimulates the immune system, body and emotions in a precise way. The essential oils are diluted with a carrier for delivery because they should not be used in concentrate form. Carriers range from sweet almond oil to watermelon seed oil, each possessing individual healing traits. Essential oils are purposefully matched with individual carries to achieve a specific result. Some essential oil formulas may contain the following essential oils for this disorder.

Reiki or other types of therapeutic touch is beneficial. It has been our experience dogs respond positively to the healing human touch. Native Americans used Mayapple to treat cancer, liver disorders, bladder disorders and worms. Neem oil and powder has been used in India since ancient times. It is a tree with amazing healing powers and has undergone scrutiny world wide. It has been used to treat illnesses ranging abrasions, autoimmune disorders, blood disorders, circulatory disorders, Digestion, Fatigue, Respiratory.